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Volunteering SPTA clinic initiative at PSSC in Riyadh

This SPTA initiative was start at August 2018.
The goal of this inituative is to provided many services according to the vision of the kingdom 2030:
*  Daily consultation and management to patients (Geriatric) have different physical impairments that affects thier ADL. There are more than 30 patients are treating at clinic with good improvement.
* Continues awareness and education sessions from expertise regarding PT roles in different medical and physical cases. SPTA arranged educatinal sessions in orthopedic, spinal, Neuro, woman health and post breast cancer resection, ect.
* Enhancing and motivating for professional volunteering. More than 12 therapists are volunteering in this clinic.
* Clinical practice training is given to PT students and interns to improve their skill practices under supervision of specialized therapists at clinic.
Gratitude and grateful to supervisors on SPTA clinic:
*PT.Deema Algadeer from PSSC. 
*PT.Najwa Khan from SPTA administration.
*Thanks for all volunteering therapists and special appreciation for distinguished therapists in this clinic:
PT. Raneem Altalal.
PT. Maram Alshuhri.
PT. Rania Alsaeed.