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Computer Science Department held an exhibition on the graduation projects of the students expected to graduate in the first academic semester 1439/1440 on Sunday 24/03/1440 AH corresponding to 02/12/2018 within the activities of the department. The Head of Graduation Projects Unit, Dr. Amr Talba started by expressing prayers and peace upon Prophet Mohammad, and then he welcomed the staff members and students who accepted the invitation and attended this valuable exhibition on the academic and professional levels. A number of staff members at the department looked at the graduation projects of the students, interacted with the students and gave their opinions of the projects. The meeting also motivated the students of the graduation projects to make more efforts to complete their projects as required and get ready for discussing them with the members of the Graduation Projects Committee. Finally, the staff members highlighted the importance of graduation projects to the students and the experience and advantages they will get from them as these projects will shape their academic and practical future.