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By the begining of the year, the Deanship of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz for College for Emergency Medical Services issued a number of administrative orders to assign faculty members to the college units following the adoption of the organizational structure of the college in October 2018. Dr. Hashim Bin Salleeh (Dean, PSCEMS) remarked that it is necessary to establish comprehensive contexts and plans to enhance the practical experience of knowledge in the college to provide opportunities to deal with the requirements in the future. They have been assigned to lead these administrative tasks and assume these responsibilities to achieve further achievements of the College of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Medical Emergency Services.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Otaibi, appointed as Head of Academic Guidance & Students Rights Units, Dr. Riyadh Al-Hazmi as Head of the Field Training and Internship Units, and Mr. Yazid Sunbal, Head Knowledge Resources and Mr. Mohammed Al-Janoubi, Head of Public Relations & Media. Mr. Abdullah Al-Qarni, as Head of Student Activities.

The colleagues congratulated the appointed heads and wishing them all the best.