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The Undergraduate Students Research Support Program held the second annual scientific meeting for students of the Research Support Program for Undergraduate Students, with the honor of Dr. Inas Bint Sulaiman Al-Issa, and with the presence of Dean of the Deanship of Scientific Research, Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Al-Humizi with the participation undergraduate students in University.

 The meeting was opened on Thursday, (14/2/2019), as part of the activities of the Second Scientific Research Forum : "The Future of Investment in Scientific Research: Opportunities and Challenges", with a wonderful recitation from the Holy Quran followed by a welcoming speech delivered by Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Women's Divisions and Director of Undergraduate Student Research Support Program Dr. Abeer Bint Abdulmuti Al-Masri, in which she noted the keenness of the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Saud University to encourage undergraduate students to participate in the research process through the Undergraduate Student Research Support Program Which is the first  leading research project to support the research proposals submitted by undergraduate students in Saudi universities, which aims at enhancing the culture of scientific research and instilling the ethics of scientific research among undergraduate students and to invest in the generation of research students in various scientific fields.

The Dean of the Deanship of Scientific Research delivered a speech in which he expressed the keenness of the Deanship of Scientific Research to promote scientific research in quantity and quality in order to achieve the University's aspirations and strategic plans according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030. He also pointed out that all programs and initiatives offered by the Deanship aim to support the research process.

Also the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs gave a speech in which she praised the role of the Deanship of Scientific Research through the program of supporting undergraduate students in supporting research mobility. She also thanked the Vice Dean of Scientific Research and the program director Dr. Abeer Al-Masri for her outstanding efforts in promoting the scientific research culture among undergraduate students

Dr. Abeer Al-Masri gave a presentation on the program and its initiatives, categories and mechanisms support . She then presented the program's outputs throughout its various courses and announced the names of the first batch of students accepted in the fourth cycle of the program. Some students also shared their research experience within the program.

The event included 18 presentations and thirty-three scientific posters from different disciplines. The meeting was also accompanied by scientific competitions to enhance the spirit of scientific competition among undergraduate students participating in the program, and to present their outputs and research achievements within the program, and to honor the distinguished ones. The event included an exhibition accompanied by scientific posters and a special exhibition hall to introduce the program.

In addition to accompanying workshops in both Arabic and English, and launching a number of initiatives such as the Assistant Researcher Program for undergraduate students.

The program brochure was issued and distributed in Arabic and English, the research handbook for the program (1440H / 2018), and the second scientific meeting brochure for students of the Undergraduate Research Support Program were issued and distributed. Also the supervising committee on the program, the arbitration committee, the students, the representatives of the Deanship, the students and the trainees were honored.

Presentations and scientific posters submitted by students participating in the program were subject to arbitration by a committee. After the conclusion of the second scientific meeting and the opening ceremony of the second scientific research forum on Monday, 13/6 / 1440H (corresponding to 18/2/2019), the results of the competition for the best three presentations and the poster competition for the best three posters were announced. Honoring the winners of the second day of the exhibition accompanying the forum.

It is worth mentioning that the opening of the meeting was met with a remarkable presence and distinguished participation of students, representatives of the Deanship and the students who are cooperating in organizing the meeting. The students expressed their happiness with this participation and thanked the Deanship of Scientific Research represented in the program in supporting their research and giving them the opportunity to present their research outputs and allow them to share their research experiences with the participating students during the scientific meeting.