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On Wednesday 4th of September 2019, at the Training Hall of senior figures in Prince Sattam University, the University Endowments participated in the 8th meeting of ombudsmen and the officials of the endowments in Saudi universities and the conclusion of the first phase of the secretariat of the coordinating meeting.

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Director of the University of Prince Sattam Prof. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah al-Hamed, Vice-Rectors, and the representative of 15 Saudi universities interested in endowments and investment, His Excellency Dr. Abdul-Rahman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-jeraiwy the Secretary-general of Prince Sattam University Endowments and the Saudi Universities Endowments Head Secretariat of the Coordinating Meeting, welcomed the participants and thanked them for their attendance.

The meeting was the first to refer and adapt the rules governing the work of the university endowments secretariat of the coordinating meeting. In the second meeting, the conferee values the work of the secretariat during the first phase (1438 - 1440) and the developmental proposals for the second phase (1441 - 1443).

Lastly, His Excellency Dr. Hamed delivered a speech in which he thanked all the employees in the universities participating in the previous meetings, and stressed on the impact of the recommendations on the mobility and foundation of most of the entities and departments at the university level in the area of endowments, he specifically addressed all endowments staff to continue to work for future advancement.