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In Conclusion of Initiative Movement, the Female students' campus held the Hope challenge, in collaboration with the Zahra Association for breast cancer from 1st-31st of Oct 2019. Vice-Rector Dr. Ghada bin Saif has patronized the closing ceremony along with the acting General Manager of Zahra Association Alaa AL-Olayan.

Dr. Mezna AlMarzooq Founder of KSU movement "This initiative aimed at raising the community awareness towards physical activity as a lifestyle and increasing awareness and encouraging early detection.

This initiative is non-profit charity aimed to donating to the Zahra Association for breast cancer through the "Strava" app, which measures the cumulative distance fetching donations of 1 SAR for each Kilometer, by converting 100,000 kilometers that participants contributed through walking, running, hiking or cycling during the month of October.

"The challenge attracted 659 participants, 28 sport community groups in the kingdom, Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, and Oman." Said Co-founder of KSU movement Ms. Reem Al-Khamis.

It is worth mentioning that the participants have completed 99,037 kilometers during October and thus contributing about 200.000 SAR to breast cancer fighters.