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In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Female Student Campus organized Justice Culture Exhibition "Knowledge and Enrichment", one of the Ministry of Justice initiatives in the National Transformation Program (2020).

The exhibition was attended by a number of the ministry employees specialized in religion, law and social services, who welcomed visitors and introduced the procedures and regulations in the justice sector to empower women in their legal rights without any obstacles.

The exhibition aims to educate women on their legal and legitimate rights, to enable them to benefit from the justice system services and procedures and to clarify its easiness and competence, as well as to raise awareness of the mechanisms of the Justice System and highlight the role of the judiciary in achieving justice.

The exhibition included a group of competent and diverse nooks, there was: the (Consulting Corner) with a specialized legal and social team from the Personal Status Court that answers any questions related to personal status such as; women's rights, family disputes, and custody, etc.

(Development Fund Corner) a financial fund with a legal and an independent budget linked to the Minister of Justice which aims to ensure that the maintenance is disbursed to the beneficiaries without delay.

The corner (Child Protection System) explained all laws designated to children. As well as, (Shaml Corner) which is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Justice specialized in implementing custody, and visit provisions in a suitable environment that is safe; physically, psychologically and socially.

There was also the (Musalaha) corner at the exhibition, which is an initiative to settle disputes and bring the views of the involved parties in order to reach a fully or partly compromise.

The corner (Najz) which reviews the electronic qualitative transfer in the Justice and Judicial services, that aims to improve the experience of beneficiaries without the need to visit the judicial facilities, this includes many services such as the judiciary, real estate, implementation and others.

The exhibition was held in Riyadh, Qassim, Jeddah, Dhahran and Medina.