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On Tuesday, Sep 1st, the College of Architecture and Planning in the Female Students Campus held a virtual welcome meeting for freshmen in the recently developed bachelor program. The attendees included, along with the freshmen, the college faculty, and staff.

Dr. Ghada bin Saif , the Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs, referred in her welcoming speech to KSU’s pioneering role in developing new academic programs and empowering future leaders. Dr. bin Saif urged students to continue their knowledge progression and praised the capabilities of the faculty of the College of Architecture and Planning.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Dughaishem, the Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning, stated that enrolling the first batch of female students in the bachelor program is a promising step for our country, in light of the developmental projects within Vision 2030, where the government has provided all the capabilities for nation-building with the hands of its youth.

Dr. Noura Al-Muzaini, the Vice Dean for Female Student Affairs, emphasized the student’s role as the center of the educational process during this exceptional time, for which the government has devoted all resources to reach the educational goals.

During the meeting, many issues weas discussed including: the role of architecture, areas of specializations, curriculums, course programs, objectives, differences between specializations, and different potential career paths.