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Within the slogan of “Determined to reach the top", King Saud University City for females, celebrated (the 90th Saudi National Day) online, as it is proud to be one of the strong factors to contribute to the realization of the nation's vision 2030 through the National Day celebrations to revive the manifestations of brotherhood, solidarity and belonging, which was held on Wednesday 6/2/1442 AH corresponding to 9/23/2020 AD, at exactly 8 pm by broadcasting Celebration through the university channel, live broadcast services, periscope, and the university account on Twitter and Snap chat, Where the university organized a calendar for national events, a concert of operetta and various participations of its employees and affiliates in various colleges by presenting many programs, events, competitions and seminars on this glorious occasion.

In addition, a number of events were held on the University Avenue, where scarves, flags and masks bearing the slogan "Determined to reach the top” were distributed, and after that 4000 balloons were launched at the entrance to the main lobby of the University.

His Excellency the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Badran bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar, affirmed “the great efforts of the state’s leaders and their clear developmental achievements that revealed their high motivation, which we saw as large as the tremendous leap the founder was hoping for, and it was achieved in continuous pioneering steps in front of all challenges.”

Her Excellency the Vice President for Female Student Affairs, Professor Dr. / Ghada bin Abdulaziz bin Saif, said, “On the beginning of Libra, the 23rd of September, “The National day”  this year marks the ninetieth anniversary of the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it sits at the top and professionally leads the G20.

Our National Day this year comes in the midst of the challenges that the whole world faces in resisting the Corona virus, to celebrates the annual 90th national anniversary. We are also proud of the excellence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in confronting this pandemic, to the whole world.

This expresses the extent of the efforts of our dear Kingdom, which works through the group of development, livelihood and welfare papers, in light of what the whole world is facing in terms of health and economic crisis.

In light of that, King Saud University was keen to celebrate the 90th Saudi National Day, virtually and according to precautionary measures, in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

All colleges have contributed to supporting the nation’s march through its activities on the National Day. The college of Literature, represented by the vice deanship of Development and Quality affairs, held a national competition, through which it called on its male and female students to participate in it by submitting a text in loving the country, and get the award for the most creative text. The competition was entitled (Poetry evening marking the arrival of the National Day). Many poets participated on Wednesday 6/2/1442 AH, via Zoom app. And a lecture on the occasion of the National Day entitled (Saudi media during the Corona pandemic).

Many of the posts from the College of Dentistry came through its Twitter account to celebrate the National Day, including contests and videos. The college expressed, "We are proud today of our belonging to a generous nation ninety years ago, whose primary concern is the comfort of its citizens and making them ranks among the advanced nations.", and the college also participated in a video introducing the process of governance in our dear kingdom.

We also find that the College of Computer and Information Sciences has participated in the presentation of smart talents by holding a competition through which we can learn about artificial intelligence and reveal the distinguished talents and creative energies of its employees.

The College of Pharmacy participated in offering sincere congratulations and blessings to the entire Saudi people, government and citizens, hoping that God Almighty would perpetuate the blessings of security and prosperity for us, by making a short film, showing the efforts made by health heroes, to preserve the members of our dear country.

The College of Dentistry, represented by its Cultural and Social Club, celebrated a national competition inviting its students to participate with their various talents on the anniversary of the National Day, and holding an exhibition of the (90th National Day) for a whole week.

The College of Applied Medical Sciences completed the celebration in its various departments of the National Day 90, congratulating our honorable leaders and the distinguished Saudi people on the anniversary of our national day, Where the Doctor of Optometry Club held a national competition under the title “Eye on My Country”

The Central Library, represented by libraries affairs, shared a video of many speakers congratulating our wise government and its great people on the Saudi 90th National Day, and organized a seminar entitled (The march of development, growth and information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

The College of Education, in its various departments, presented programs and competitions to celebrate the National Day, for a whole week includes holding lectures, seminars and competitions, where the Department of Islamic Studies launched a seminar entitled (The Role of Women in Promoting the Values of National Belonging).

The participation of the College of Nursing was represented in celebrating the National Day, with the participation of the college’s students, with many expressive drawings, about the values of loyalty to our great country.  The college also designed a video in which it narrates the approach of kings, which consolidates prosperity.

The preparatory first year colleges organized many activities, as the Dean of the first year preparatory, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Jarawi, referred to the promising aspirations of the ambitious nation and the prominent role of education in celebrating our great country, and about the place that the education sector has enjoyed, from the great support of our dear country, and the extent to which our great leaders continue to provide all support, in its various forms of material and moral. And that the education sector invested the provided support and it resulted in an improvement in its quantitative and qualitative field in educational institutions, and an activity was held under the title (online Conversation). The Deanship also organized a national cultural competition entitled (Talents in Love of our country).

The participation of the Deanship of Student Affairs for Female enrich the celebration of the National Day, as it participated in organizing a national competition entitled (National Competition for the 90th Anniversary), in various fields among them (filmmaking - drawing a plastic painting - composing a poetic text - prose text - literary text - taking pictures across my country - tweeting it in love for our country), calling for the participation of all university members, and students.

The Student Guidance and Counseling Center celebrated the National Day by posting many phrases for our great country through the center's official Twitter account, including “Love of our country, and commitment to the provisions and legal controls in a satisfied spirit.”

One of the most important active and non-profit community initiatives in the city of Riyadh, which is hosted by King Saud University, a 4-kilometer walking / running event for families, entitled "KSU Movement" in cooperation with the Riyadh Running Team. The event began at six o'clock in the morning at the dawn of the National Day at King Abdullah Walk in the city of Riyadh.

A group of families, accompanied by their children, participated in the event, celebrating the 90th National Day together.

Professor Reem Al-Khamis, the co-founder of the initiative, stated that the number of participants has reached 50, including Saudis and residents, raising the Kingdom's flag and celebrating this great event in their own, energetic and lively way.

At the end of the event, Dr. Mezna Al Marzouki, the founder and supervisor of the initiative, congratulated all the participants, in a patriotic atmosphere chanting the slogan “Determined to reach the top.”

The Director of Public Relations and Media at the University for Female Students, Dr. Hayam Al-Mousa, said: "In light of the anniversary of the founding of the unit that has been through 90 years, with every year bringing great achievements and progress that has exceeded expectations, we have gained cohesion throughout the past years. In spite of all the surrounding challenges, we have paved the way to progress every year, and we march through it rapidly with strict rules. May God preserve our country and perpetuate its security, stability, prosperity, pride and glory, and every year and our nation are well.