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The Wellness Challenge is a new challenge that was launched in October 2020 by  the King Saud University Movement Initiative in its second edition of the "Hope Challenge" for the year 2019, which is considered the first virtual charitable sports awareness campaign in the Kingdom.

Dr. Mezna Al Marzouki, the founder of the initiative, explained that she is proud and happy to support the campaign of “National Breast Cancer Awareness” 2020 as a sporting partner for the campaign and its launch of the Wellness Challenge a charitable virtual athlete in cooperation with the Saudi Federation for Sports for All and the Saudi Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports in the “Move and Play” initiative.  She stated that the challenge aiming to raise community awareness of the role of exercise as a way of life in promoting health and preventing diseases, especially malignant diseases, and to intensify efforts in early detection of breast cancer, with the participation of community members with social responsibility and support their role in contributing to awareness by donating their steps taken to the challenge by registering their steps in the application and transforming them into valuable services to support the beneficiaries of Zahra Association.

Professor Reem Al-Khamis, co-founder of the initiative, added that the campaign targeted all community members, male and female, of all ages, and the challenge period was 12-26 October 2020. The campaign aimed at 20 million  steps resulting in 100 thousand riyals donations, but what the Wellness Challenge reached exceeded expectations by a landslide. The challenge reached 66,119,789 steps, and donations reached 1,000,000 million riyals.

KSU Movement initiative is grateful for the support of the Saudi Sports Federation, Move and Play, and Zahra Association for their efforts in achieving the goals of this campaign. Many thanks also go to all the participants, the campaign sponsors and the volunteer team who made distinguished efforts in organizing and making the campaign a success.