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The University City for Female Students in King Saud University, represented by the College of Pharmacy, and with the follow-up of the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Aws Al-Shamsan, organized a "Quality and Development Week" under the slogan (Cooperation makes the difference), starting from Sunday 18 Jumad al-Thani 1442 AH corresponding to 2021/1/31 AD .

The Quality and Development Week aims to educate those concerned about quality and its importance for the educational process and the college in particular, and helps contribute to spreading and adopting a culture of quality among its employees.

The Quality and Development Week also includes many activities that were prepared in advance by the college, as the college’s development and quality unit supervised its implementation with the participation of a number of college’s employees, units and departments.

The participations included the implementation of specialized workshops for faculty members and students to raise the efficiency of the quality of educational and research processes.

A set of advertisements and awareness messages were published to spread the culture of quality for all. And in order to achieve a higher percentage in the quality of adherence to academic, administrative and safety procedures, competitions were launched between departments in which valuable prizes were allocated, as well as many programs to enhance and establish a culture of quality.