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On behalf of His Excellency the Rector of King Saud University, Professor Dr. Badran bin Abdul Rahman Al-Omar, His Excellency the Vice Rector of the University for Educational and Academic Affairs, Professor Dr. Muhammad bin Saleh Al-Nami, sponsored the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence celebration in its sixteenth edition for the academic year 1444 AH, on Wednesday, Jumada Al-Awwal 22nd, 1445 AH. At Hamad Al Jasser Hall (A).

His Excellency the Dean of the Student Affairs’ Deanship, Professor Dr. Ali bin Kanakher Al-Dalbahi, explained that the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence is a pioneering and distinguished award at the university level. Its regulations were issued by the Deans’ Council in its session which held on 12/30/1429 AH, the award aims to stimulate academic excellence among students, and improve the outcomes of the university. By Encouraging the spirit of academic competition and honoring and celebrating academic excellence.

Dr. Al-Dalbahi added that the university honored one hundred twenty male students and ninety female students in various specializations, who excelled academically in the academic year 1444 AH. His Excellency also extended his congratulations to the male and female students who won the award and their parents, wishing everyone continued excellence and success.

His Excellency the Dean of Student Affairs confirmed the interest and support for the outstanding students from the university's leaderships, and that this celebration is an important incentive to lead them to work hard and excel.

For her part, the Director of the Distinguished and Talented Students Program, Her Excellency Dr. Qamra Al-Subaie, explained that the Dean’s Award based on five main criteria to nominate the outstanding male and female university students, Which includes the following: not committing a violation that requires a warning or punishment from the disciplinary committee at the college or university level, and not exceeding the regular period for graduation according to study plan , And not to obtain a grade less than (B) in one of the courses in the academic year in which the award is awarded. to successfully complete a total of 48 credit hours from the college’s study plan, and to compete based on the GPA in the new academic year. In case if that the students are equal, the consideration of the number of hours passed in the two semesters for the academic year for their nomination for the award takes a place. If the students are equal, the total grades of the courses passed in the two semesters of the academic year for the nomination are considered. She added: The nomination mechanism relied on the highest academic averages during the academic year. five male and five female students were nominated this year from Each of the university’s colleges is an incentive to compete in excellence, giving each male and female student a certificate of academic excellence, in addition to a financial reward, and to decorate the collage's honor board with the names of the outstanding students.