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The common first year deanship at King Saud University organized a forum for high school students under the theme "Discover Your Path... Plan Your Future." The forum took place on Monday, May 6th, 2024, and continued for four days at the common first year deanship in Alisha Female Section.

The aim of the forum was to prepare and equip female students for university life and to enhance their confidence in discovering their interests and determining their academic paths. Dr. Haya bint Mohammed Al-Shehri, the Vice Dean of the common first year deanship, highlighted that this forum provided an opportunity for high school students to prepare themselves for choosing the appropriate major based on their interests and abilities.

The forum included a comprehensive exhibition featuring various colleges, majors, and admission criteria. More than twenty entities from King Saud University, including deanships and colleges, participated in the exhibition to provide information and answer all student inquiries. Additionally, an intensive training course was offered to empower the students in self-discovery and planning for the suitable university major that aligns with their future professional and career aspirations, in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to create globally competitive citizens