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A distinguished scientific team from Newcastle University embarked on visit to the University Center for Obesity Research, as part of exploring future collaboration opportunities between the two universities in the field of obesity prevention and related health research. This visit comes in the context of the commitment of both universities to enhance scientific cooperation and exchange of expertise to contribute to combating obesity and improving community health.

During the visit, the research team from Newcastle University conducted a comprehensive tour of the laboratories and facilities dedicated to obesity research. The team seized the opportunity to explore the latest technologies and devices used in this field, which will contribute to the development of future research and projects to combat obesity and associated diseases.

The visit of this scientific team from Newcastle University represents an important step towards enhancing scientific and research cooperation in the field of obesity prevention and public health improvement. It is expected that this visit will lead to knowledge and expertise exchange between the two universities, and to strengthen joint efforts to reduce obesity prevalence and improve quality of life.