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Princess Nora bint Mohammed bin Saud, consort of the Prince of Riyadh, graciously presided over the Excellence Ceremony for the 60th cohort of female students at King Saud University for the academic year 1445 AH. The ceremony commemorated the achievements of 6,249 graduates representing diverse academic disciplines and degrees and took place at the main theatre in the university city for female students.

Dr Nora bint Hassan Al-Shehri, the Vice Dean of Admissions and Registration, disclosed that the graduating class comprised 216 PhD recipients, 60 fellowship recipients, 10 recipients of a diploma in medicine, 1,705 master's degree recipients, 5 recipients of a higher diploma, 3,249 bachelor's degree recipients, 1,003 intermediate diploma recipients, and 1 participant diploma recipient.

Princess Nora bint Mohammed expressed her deep joy and pride in the 60th batch of students' achievement, recognizing them as future leaders and contributors to the country's progress and development. She praised the unwavering support, encouragement, and confidence provided by the wise leadership to female students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enabling them to continue the national movement and drive the development towards comprehending Vision 2030. She encouraged them to fulfil their national mission with sincerity and loyalty while extending her best wishes for their continued success and prosperity.

In his speech, Dr. Abdullah bin Salman Al-Salman, the Acting President of King Saud University, expressed his satisfaction at the graduation of the 60th cohort of female students. He emphasized the university's ongoing efforts to deliver top-tier educational systems using modern methods, positioning it as a model institution worldwide, with aspirations for global leadership and excellence in fostering a knowledge-based society. Dr. Al-Salman outlined forward-looking visions and plans aimed at contributing to the attainment of set objectives, and at advancing the nation and its citizens intellectually and culturally, under the benevolent guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, may Allah protect them. He thanked Princess Nora for her presence, which symbolises care and attention.

 Moreover, he encouraged the graduates to apply their skills and experiences in the nation's service and contribute to local and international societal development. The graduates expressed immense joy and profound gratitude to all those who facilitated their achievement, pledging to continue their journey in uplifting the nation.

 During the ceremony, Her Excellency Dr. Ghaziel bint Saad Al-Essa, the Advisor to the President of the University for Girls' Campus Affairs, presented a gift from the university to Princess Nora. The gift was an exemplary piece of art crafted by the talented student Mariam Al-Ateeq from the College of Education. The sponsors who participated in the ceremony were also honoured