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HE Prof. Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Natheer, Director of the Educational Center for Professional Development met Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Toweyan, Secretary General of the Education Excellence Award on Sunday, 15/8/1437 AH.


Al-Toweyan put forward a proposal for ​​a partnership between the Education Excellence Award and the Educational Center for Professional Development. ECPD will have a task to develop criteria for award categories, add new criteria for the proposed categories, administer sorting and arbitration proceedings, and also survey the impact of the award in the field of education. The idea received general acceptance from both sides thanks to the outstanding expertise of the center in the field of the educational work.


It’s worth noting that the meeting was attended by HE Dr. Nasser bin Alwan Al-Alwan, Assistant Director for Operations, Mr. Adib bin Abdullah Al-Subai, Manager of Entrepreneurship Unit, and Mr. Nasser bin Mohamed Al-Howaish, Assistant Executive Director for Boys.