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Under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed S. AlAmeri, the Vice reactor of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing Program organize a workshop entitled “Supporting Patent Applications at King Saud University”. It will be hold on Sunday 27 November 2016 – 27 Safar 1437H from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at King Saud University. The workshop will opened by Dr. Ibrahim M. Alharkan, General Director of King Salman Entrepreneurship Institution, who emphasize the importance of holding a workshop to promote a culture of invention in the university and the definition of intellectual property rights.


at the workshop, the director of intellectual property and technology licensing program, Dr. Thamer Ali Al Bahkali, will discuss and reviews the mechanisms of disclosing Inventions and the role of the program and its achievements in supporting the registration of patents through a formal way to IPTL Program at King Saud University which considered the only competent authority related to industrial property and supervising on the interests of these rights at KSU. And he will present the process of applying a new disclosure form to all inventors of KSU affiliates or others who reached an invention by disclosing to IPTL program in accordance with the provisions of the regulations approved by the University Council and it has to be subjected to all conditions.


In this context, King Saud University owns 805 patents in various patent offices around the world. Thus the university has made a huge jump compared to its past, as from 1988 to 2007,the average patents filed did not exceed 2.35 patents per year, where during the period of last eight year from November 2008 up to 2016, the average of filing rate has doubled to more than forty times, to an average of 92.41 patents per year, and The US Patent and Trademark Office represents the largest share in the number of applications as a total of 341 patents, which about 42.52% of the total patent applications that have been protected.


Therefore, KSU was ranked (49) in the top 100 universities worldwide which granted US utility patents in 2015 with total (43) US utility patents, which already it was ranked (63) in 2014 with total (33) US utility patents. It was also that in 2013, KSU was ranked (74) with total (27) US utility patents.

at the end of workshop, Dr. Hanan N. AIOtaibi, College of Dentistry, share her experience as inventor in support of registering patents, who obtained several patents from the US Office and Saudi patent Office as well and she has achieved a third place award of King Saud University for Scientific Excellence in 1437H for her discoveries, innovations and technical licensing. After that, Dr. Ali Samhan and Dr. Hesham Fouli of the College of Engineering conclude the workshop by sharing their experience for the preparation of technical transfers for the purpose of licensing the invention and showing how thus transforming the scientific research of conventional theoretical form into a practical framework by providing a new technology ways contribute to strengthening the capacity of the national economy.