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College of Education at King Saud University’s Female campus launched a program called ‘Almaqraa Alquranya’.

The Almaqraa Alquranya program started with the vision ‘to memorize and recite the holy Quran perfectly’ by Department of Quran Studies with the cooperation of Aliqra Chair in KSU.

Moreover, the main aim of this program is to achieve the proficiency in recite and memorize the holy Quran, and to study Quran meanings in order to work according to Quran teachings, among scientific and supportive environment stimulating memorization and perfection.

Furthermore, some objectives also has been decided to achieve goal of program, which are as follows:

To recite the holy Quran perfectly, and memorize it completely;
Emulating the morality of Quran and work according to Quran teachings;
Studying Al-Tajweed Quranic science intensively;
To know the interpretation of Quran completely, and understand the meanings of most difficult vocabularies;
Habilitating the student to get the certificate legalized by an official entity;
Optimizing the use of technology to achieve the vision of Almaqraa;
Habilitating the student to participate in the national and international competitions;
Supporting the program of Quran studies to graduate Quran teachers;
To highlight the role of Quran Studies department in community service.

In addition, there are some conditions to enroll in this program:

Fill the registration form.
The student should be one of KSU staff.
Seriousness and commitment to attend and memorize.