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The supreme council of ‘Almarai Award of Scientific Innovation’ honored to King Saud University’s five leading researchers in its fourteenth session.

Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, Dr. Joselito Puzon Labis, Dr. Mohamed A. Habila, Dr. Mohamed Abbas Ibrahim, Dr. Zeid A. ALOthman received their awards at a glittering ceremony organized by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) recently in Riyadh.

The researchers from KSU got ‘Almarai Award of Scientific Innovation’ award for this research: “Simple and facile synthesis of amino functionalized hollow core–mesoporous shell silica spheres using anionic surfactant for Pb(II), Cd(II), and Zn(II) adsorption and recovery”.

Above mentioned research has been published in ‘Chemical Engineering Journal’s September 2014 issue.

Researchers at KSU: Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni and Dr. Joselito Puzon Labis are working in King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology, Mohamed A. Habila and Zeid A. ALOthman working in Advanced Materials Research Chair in Department of Chemistry, Mohamed Abbas Ibrahim working for Kayyali Chair for Pharmaceutical Industries in Department of Pharmaceutics.

The Almarai Prize for Scientific Innovation is a national award, given only to meritorious people for their highly original work. This award is supervised and administered by KACST with a commitment to maintaining high standards.

Almarai recognizes the importance of participating in national development efforts by supporting scientific and research societies. With this in mind, Almarai adopted the Almarai Prize for Scientific Innovation since 1999.

It is worth mentioning KSU has shared this award with Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) for "Development of coating with enhanced properties by using car tires’ rubber" research.

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