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 The permanent committee on e-content’s parameters for individuals with disabilities held its fifth meeting chaired by vice Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs H.E. Abdul-Aziz A. Al-Othman. The committee chairman asserted on the importance of achieving accessible web content for individuals with disability. thus, he decreed that the sub-committees are to set an executive framework to reach unified parameters to be employed on the electronic learning system for individuals with disabilities. The parameters should be reviewed thereafter by the Deanship of e-Learning & Distance Learning in a final stage to be formally approved.

The meeting resulted in forming four main sub-committees. Each committee is assigned a specific role within the general executive framework.  The first sub-committee role is to establish a scientific description and needs of each type of disabilities in addition to prober ways to engage them in accessible learning process. The second sub-committee role is to set a specific e-content’s parameters for each disability. the third sub-committee role is to conduct scientific field-studies to investigate the pedagogics needs of students with disabilities. The forth sub-committee role is to establish a policy of KSU for website accessibility.

The Universal Access Program (UAP) encourages suggestions and/or comments by contacting the committee secretary on:

Landline: 46-93870


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