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Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Medical Emergency College has recently held its fourth Annual Emergency Medical Services Olympics games, with the participation of a number of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services professionals for evaluation. This comes as a result of the college's initiatives to acquire its students for the knowledge and professional skills, ensuring the achievement of a number of strategic objectives and preparing them for the market.

Dr. Hashim Mohammed Bin Saleeh, "Dean, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services", explained that the implementation of the annual Olympics and competition among students supports the achievement of many of the strategic objectives of the College, including the strategic of objective which means providing an environment conducive to education and gaining the skills of emergency medical services. Also, supporting sources of education, learning, training and scientific research.

The College thanked all participants in the preparation and implementation of the E.M.S. Olympics Games. The event concluded by honoring the winning team, emphasizing the continuous training and its active role in developing the skills of the students and their readiness for the market.