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King Saud University has held an introductory meeting in the college of computer and information science (for both male and female students) to commence the national “FekraTech” initiative for digital ideas and projects, which will help contribute to the digital transformation in the kingdom and elevate the country to become one of the world’s leading digital innovation centers.
The “FekraTech” initiative aims to encourage society to innovate digital solutions for challenges in different sectors and turning them into profitable companies.
The meeting began with a brief description about the Saudi group of programmers “Barmej” hosted by the engineer Mohammed Al-Amoudi, summarizing the group’s future vision in bringing the Kingdom's software sector to the global competitive regulation.
Moreover, Enad Al-Atawi from the “FekraTech” work team has launched the national initiative with an introductory tour, concerning the digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the goal of this initiative in regards to achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, along with accelerating the digital transformation and the jobs that will be created from developing digital solutions.
Additionally, “Enad” presented the challenges to be faced on the initiative’s interactive platform which enable citizens to contribute to the national digital transformation by sharing ideas and projects for digital solutions to confront those challenges.
During the presentation, he also summarized the participation courses and stages which participants will go through during the initiative, along with the judge’s criteria for the presented ideas and projects which include the clarity, applicability and uniqueness of the idea. Presenters will also have to address the roots of the problem and its economic benefit, the work team’s expertise and skill over projects, the growth of an idea or project and its expansibility.
“Enad” also stated that for those who do not have any ideas or projects, they are still qualified to become ambassadors for the “FekraTech” initiative by sharing articles and interacting with what is proposed within the initiative’s platform with comments and admiration.
It is worth mentioning that the field that is currently being discussed within the “FekraTech” platform is healthcare, which was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, and focuses on the three most significant challenges currently faced in the health sector according to the Ministry of Health.
Finally, “Enad” concluded his tour with frequently asked questions about the initiative and the presented challenges.