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The Practical Training Committee at the College of Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS) at King Saud University organized the "CCIS Practical Training Day" and its accompanying exhibition in the college lobby at the university for students on Tuesday, 14/11/2017.  The event aims to highlight the achievements of female students in practical training, and transfer their experiences to their colleagues in addition to create a future training opportunities, and strengthening the links with the training organizations in the public and private sectors and taking their impressions of the outputs of the college and their technical needs into consideration.
CCIS offers a bachelor's degree in four specializations in the female section: Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Software Engineering. The main goal of these specializations is to prepare a generation that meets the needs of the market and contributes to the national digital transformation and the creation of a knowledge economy.
The event was held for the first time at the College with the suggestion of the Vice-Dean of the Academic Affairs, Dr. Najla Al-Nabhan, and the supervisor of the training committee during the past academic year. The event started with an exhibition for the students and the training organization then the sharing of excellent training experiences started in the college stage, which witnessed a large presence of the faculty staff/students and invited training centers. The opening of the event started with a welcoming speech by the head of the current training committee Dr. Arwa Al-Sultan. Then, the speech was continued by the vice dean of the college Dr. Hessah Alsalamah. Dr. Hessah welcomed the training organizations and faculty Staff. That was followed by a review of the achievements and outputs of the training with Dr. Najla Al Nabhan. These training achievements included the provision of more than 235 training opportunities in 66 distinguished training institutions in different sectors, ranging from 23 government sector institutions, 31 private sector institutions, 11 health sector institutions and 1 international training institution.
During the 8-weeks training period, CCIS students accomplished remarkable achievements in various sectors, which are 4 Patent requests, 5 scientific papers submitted for publication, 20 mobile applications were published in the App store and Google play, as well as 53 websites, included systems that work as digital modern platforms. The event also included selected presentations of the female students' training experiences and honoring the distinguished organization and the female volunteers in the development of the trial version of the practical training site, which was recently launched. Among the outstanding training modules, there was a special project made by the student Ebtehal Al-Mutairi in the smart Robot team, the robot has a unique design that serves the special needs and the elderly and is equipped with an arm, camera and is controlled remotely through the mobile application. At the end of the event, the best training project was voted on. 
It is worth mentioning that most of the projects completed by the students, whether it is a research or software, included modern and specialized techniques, which confirms the quality of the outputs of education at King Saud University and the College of Computer Science and Information specifically, which are suitable for the needs of the market.