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Under the leadership of the Vice Rector Dr. Yusuf Asiri, the Vice Rectorate for Planning and Development has issued the annual report for the year 1437-1438H. The report documents the numerous accomplishment of the Vice Rectorate, the publicity of those accomplishments, and the efforts to build a distinguished institutional reputation for King Saud University that supports its development activities and efforts which are guided by the 2030 vision. The report also documents the role of the collaborative entities that helped in the publicity for the Vice Rectorate and its efforts, especially Resalat Aljame’ah newspaper, which published about the Vice Rectorate in all the issues of the year 1437-1438H, in addition to the Deanship of Quality and Development, Documentation Unit in the College of Arts (the Weekly Report), The Deanship of E-transactions and Communications, and the General Administration for Relations and Information. Dr. Yusuf Asiri expressed his thanks to all those entities, especially Resalat Aljame’ah that was particularly helpful in achieving a number publicity goals for the Vice Rectorate.


It is worth mentioning that the annual report provides the following: a review of the communications plans and the Vice Rectorate’s media campaigns for the developmental projects, an assessment of the communications channels, quality assurance for those channels, support for the communicative efforts of the Vice Rectorate to ensure effective communication with target institutions locally and internationally, and a role in building a distinctive reputation for the Vice Rectorate and its developmental projects.