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KSU Professor Garners ‘Best Survey Paper Award’ 

Prof. Muhammad Khurram Khan, a distinguished professor of Cybersecurity from the Center of Excellence in Information Assurance at King Saud University, garners ‘Best Survey Paper Award’ from Journal of Network and Computer Applications (Elsevier).



The paper entitled, “A Survey on Privacy Protection in Blockchain System” published in collaboration with researchers from USA, China, India and Saudi Arabia has been categorized as a ‘Highly Cited Paper’ in the Web of Science as well as a ‘Top Cited’ paper in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications (JNCA). This award consists of a certificate signed by the publisher and a cash reward for co-authors. Journal of Network and Computer Applications is a top-ranked journal with an impact factor of 6.281, and carries 94.91 percentile in the ‘Computer Science (Software Engineering)’ category of Web of Science. 



The goal of this survey was to provide insights into the privacy issues and challenges associated with blockchain. Furthermore, the paper also summarizes some typical implementations of privacy preservation mechanisms in blockchain and explores future research challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain privacy in blockchain systems. This paper sets the base for researchers as a seminal survey and opens new horizons to explore and develop new privacy-preserving blockchain systems. 



It is worth mentioning that Prof. Khan has so far received many research and best paper awards for his contributions to the cybersecurity field. He is globally ranked at number 8th in ‘Security and Privacy’ and number 13th in ‘Cybersecurity’ research as per the citations ranking of Google Scholar.