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The Universal Access Program team met today, Tuesday, 17/2/1444 H, with the Director General of the General Department of Maintenance, His Excellency Eng. Hassan Al-Jamal, assistant Director of the University Maintenance Department for Female Students, Mr. Dabbas Al-Dabbas, Head of the Student Dormitory Maintenance Unit, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Daham, Civil Works Supervisor from outside the University, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Mousa, the Design Engineer for Universal Access, Eng. Jubail Hayek, and the assistant of the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Student Services, Mrs. Intisar bint Nasser Al-Zamil, and the Department of Female Students’ Dormitory, with the participation of the blind student, Fai bint Khaled Al-Juaid, to determine the minimum requirements for Universal Access to accommodate blind female students and arrange them in order of importance.