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The Universal Access Program held a lecture entitled

"Universal Access and Quality of Life in the Scale of International Indicators"

On Thursday corresponding to 10/3/1444 AH from (12 -1 pm)

via Zoom

In the lecture, history, importance, governance, relevant international indicators and references were discussed within a precise and practical framework

.Here are the highlights of the lecture


:Recommendation interest

.King Saud University is the first university to embody the concept of universal, integrative access to achieve a total and meaningful quality of life

.The universal access program seeks to achieve the optimal use of resources within the framework of policies and indicators based on scientific evidence and by relying on international methodologies and references

.The areas of comprehensive access at King Saud University are: the field of education - technology - engineering infrastructure - security - evacuation and emergency - and the integrated quality of life

.The United Nations has taken urgent measures to achieve quality of life and reorient the goals and content of government policies in order to increase the quality of life

The leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adopts the Quality of Life Program and considers it the new engine for the diversification of the knowledge economy, including human and social capital, with two main pillars: developing the individual's lifestyle and improving the quality of life

.The World Bank believes that with the increase in global wealth and the increase in the average per capita share of it, there is a decline in the level of quality of life

.According to the report of the Global Council for Happiness and Wellbeing (2020), the countries closest to the quality of life are those that achieve the (17) sustainable development goals

.Comprehensive, integrative access to quality of life extends from birth to old age

.The reference countries for quality of life, including universal access programs, are: United States of America - Britain Sweden - Norway – Australia

Complete Secrets of Quality of Life is a comprehensive and accurate measure for all areas of life - Provides data at all levels to enrich the analysis of benefits and costs - Provides quality of life for all geographical and peripheral areas

.The Universal Access Program contributes to achieving the quality of life by issuing a list of accurate indicators that lead to direct empowerment, and these indicators can be measured and evaluated