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Dr. Ashfaq Mohammad from Advance Manufacturing Institute (AMI) presented a lecture on “Gamma-TiAl porous structures fabrication by Electron Beam Melting process for bio-medical applications” on September 8, 2015.

Dr. Ashfaq first introduced about the latest trends in Additive manufacturing technology. Electron Beam Melting a popular additive manufacturing technique was described in detail. The advantages of Titanium Aluminides as an aerospace and bio-implant materials were brought forth. Porous designs and their applications in bio-implant fabrication was presented.

And finally, how electron beam melting can build porous structures from Titanium Aluminide - the process settings that helped achieve this -was shared with the audience. 

Dr. Ashfaq is an Assistant Professor at AMI, KSU. His other research interests lie in Friction welding of dissimilar materials.

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