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With the end of year 1436H Hajj season (2015), advanced level students of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services (P.S.C.E.M.S.) completed the on-site course at the Islamic sites & Holy Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the Saudi Red Cresent Authority. This course provides to students the skills & knowledge to deal with disaster & with crowded places, also to provide on-site urgent medical conditions in those locations which Saudi Arabia government welcomes more than 2 millions muslim pilgrims per year.

All participated students are under direct supervision of thier EMS faculty. One of the students "Sami Al-Anizi" said:"It's an intersting experience, unique and full of adventure as we prepare for the best in the field experience and that because of the simulation of the application field and the nature of work.". Another student "Musab Al-Harthy" commented:"the field application at the Holy places has other feelings especially dealing with the pilgrims and helping to provide medical assistance to them, and also teach us the experience of the features that the student is dealing with emergency situations in many places with crowded people, and cases may also be critical, which earned a unique medical skills."

This course is an important project for students in terms of knowledge & experience in dealing with disasters and crowds field throughout the student professional career in the major of Emergency Medical Services.